13 UAE-based Fastest-growing IT Companies in the Middle East

According to the research conducted by the global consulting firm Deloitte, 13 of the 50 fastest-growing IT companies in the Middle East and Cyprus are based in the UAE. UAE tech companies Brandripplr, Justlife, and TruKKer are some of the ones with the fastest growth in the Middle East.

Cyprus-based internet broker Capital.com took first place. Jordanian mobile payment service FinTech Dinarak is in second place. Brandripplr, a media and entertainment company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, comes in at number three. The software, financial technology, and media and entertainment sectors are all represented among the listed technology companies.

Fastest-growing IT Companies in the Middle East

IT Companies are recognized based on their revenue growth over a four-year period. Capital.com came in first with a growth rate of 2,210 percent, while Dinarak and Brandripplr came in second and third with rates of 820 percent and 816 percent, respectively.

To attract more foreign direct investment and establish itself as a worldwide innovation center, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is providing incentives to hundreds of digital enterprises to locate in the nation.

This program is designed to help businesses led by people with technical backgrounds, such as software engineers, data scientists, computer programmers, and digital asset entrepreneurs.

The United Arab Emirates is home to a number of other top 50 firms recognized by Deloitte, including CSPSolutions, AlgoDriven, Justlife, TruKKer, Ziwo, 3CX, Plant Shop, You Cloud Pay, Uqu, ICC Loyalty, Property Finder, Lenador Systems.

Other Gulf companies that make the top 50 list include Mekdam Technologies and Urban Point in Qatar, Beyon Cyber in Bahrain, and Lazywait in Saudi Arabia.

The average growth rate of the top technology companies ranked this year was 277 percent. During 2021 and 2022, these IT businesses made a total of about $800 million in sales each year.