Get a UAE Visa Online as a freelancer

Are you a freelancer seeking a visa for the UAE? Now you can get UAE Visa Online. The announcement made by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) in the UAE will be very helpful to those looking for virtual work residency visas. There will no longer be a requirement for freelancers who want to apply for the visa to be physically present in the UAE during the application process. Applying online is simple for them.

The application procedure can now be finished from the applicant’s current location for individuals who want to work remotely from the UAE. This visa (virtual work residency) is only good for a year (365 days), after which it may be extended under new terms and conditions established by the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Online UAE visa for freelancers

Individuals can utilize the ICP website or the smart application to apply for visas (UAEICP). The applicant must enter the UAE within 60 days of the visa’s approval in order to finish the resident visa application process. The permission will be void if you don’t enter the UAE within the allotted window of time.

Only those applicants who have a passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months, a recent photo, and a current health insurance policy are eligible for the virtual work residence visa.

However, in order to qualify, the freelancer must present a bank statement demonstrating earnings of at least Dh360,000 over the previous two years, or the equivalent amount in another currency. A preceding month’s pay stub and three months’ worth of bank statements are also required of applicants.

After 30 days, if a candidate doesn’t satisfy the conditions, their application is automatically rejected online. The price and financial assurances are recoverable if the request is denied by the ICP and the application is returned three times for the same reason, it is vital to remember.

Each participant in the virtual working program must pay AED 350. The entry permission and all the information will be sent to each applicant’s email.