Google and Apple Inc collaborating to reduce unwanted tracking

Alphabet, Inc. Google and Apple Inc announced on Tuesday that they are collaborating to reduce unwanted tracking of individuals by Bluetooth devices such as AirTags used to retrieve lost things.

Alphabet Inc’s Google and Apple Inc launched a collaboration on Tuesday to tackle unwanted tracking of persons using Bluetooth devices such as AirTags, which are generally used to retrieve lost things.

The firms worked together on a drafting specification that will require all Bluetooth location-tracking devices to alert consumers of any unauthorized tracking on both iOS and Android smartphones.

This is a huge step towards protecting users’ privacy and giving them control over the data collected by Bluetooth devices.

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The firms claim that they have integrated feedback from device manufacturers, safety groups, and advocacy groups into the specs. They also stated receiving help from well-known corporations such as Samsung Electronics and Tile, a consumer electronics company.

Some people, they claim, may use the device for criminal or malicious purposes. The primary use of AirTags is to aid in the recovery of misplaced things by adding them to items such as keys, wallets, or backpacks.

Apple introduced an Android detector app in 2021 to improve privacy for its users. The software allows users to search for nearby AirTags or other similar item trackers that may be traveling with them unknowingly.

In 2020, Apple and Google announced a mutual ban on the use of location tracking in apps that employ a contact tracing mechanism designed to assist reduce the spread of the coronavirus.