Master Your Tech Deck Skills: A Guide to Fingerboard Tricks


Fingerboarding is a fun and challenging hobby that requires skill, precision, and practice. In this article, we will briefly talk about, how we can master Tech Deck Skills. With a tech deck, you can experience the thrill of skateboarding right in the palm of your hand. This guide will help you master your tech deck skills and take your fingerboards to the next level.

We will talk briefly about the following:

  1. Choosing the Right Tech Deck
  2. Setting up Your Fingerboard
  3. Practicing the Basic Tricks
  4. Using Ramps and Obstacles
  5. Learning from Online Tutorials
  6. Perfecting Your Tech Deck Skills

1: Choosing the Right Tech Deck

The first step in mastering your tech deck skills is to choose the right tech deck. Here are some factors to consider when selecting your tech deck:

  • Size: Tech deck fingerboards come in different sizes, ranging from mini fingerboards to full-sized skateboards. Choose a size that feels comfortable and easy to control.
  • Deck Design: Tech deck fingerboards come in a variety of designs, from realistic skateboard replicas to unique and colorful designs. Choose a design that appeals to your personal style.
  • Deck Concavity: The concavity of a tech deck refers to the shape of the deck. Tech decks can have different levels of concavity, from flat decks to deep concave decks. Choose a deck concavity that feels comfortable and provides good control.

2: Setting up Your Fingerboard

Once you have chosen your tech deck, it’s time to set up your fingerboard. This includes attaching trucks, wheels, and bearings to your deck. Here are some steps to help you set up your fingerboard:

  • Attach the Trucks: Attach the trucks to the bottom of the deck using screws or bolts.
  • Install the Wheels: Install the wheels onto the trucks by pushing them onto the axles.
  • Add the Bearings: Insert the bearings into the wheels and secure them with spacers.

3: Practicing the Basic Tricks

Once your fingerboard is set up, it’s time to start practicing basic tricks. Here are some tricks to get you started:

  • Cruise and Turn: Start by cruising and turning with your fingerboard to get a feel for it.
  • Kickflips: A kickflip is a trick where you kick the deck with your front foot while simultaneously flipping the deck with your back foot.
  • Ollies: An ollie is a trick where you jump and pop the deck off the ground with your feet.
  • Manuals: A manual is a trick where you balance on the deck using only your front truck.

4: Using Ramps and Obstacles

To take your fingerboard skills to the next level, it’s important to practice using ramps and obstacles. You can set up a mini ramp, or use household objects to practice your tricks. Here are some tips for using ramps and obstacles:

  • Start Slow: When starting out, it’s important to start slow and gradually build up speed.
  • Practice Balance: Ramps and obstacles can be challenging, so it’s important to practice balancing on your fingerboard.
  • Experiment with Different Obstacles: Try different ramps and obstacles to see what works best for you.

5: Learning from Online Tutorials

There are many online tutorials and videos that can help you improve your fingerboard skills. Watch tutorials from experienced fingerboarders and learn from their techniques and tricks. Here are some tips for learning from online tutorials:

  • Watch a variety of Tutorials: Watch tutorials from different fingerboarders to see different styles and techniques.
  • Practice what You Learn: After watching a tutorial, practice what you learn to improve your skills.
  • Ask for Feedback: If you’re not sure if you’re doing a trick correctly, ask for feedback from other fingerboarders or in online forums.

6: Perfecting Your Tech Deck Skills

Perfecting your tech deck skills takes time and practice. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Keep practicing: The more you practice, the better you will become. Set aside time each day to practice your tricks.
  • Focus on form: Pay attention to the form and technique you use when performing tricks. This will help you perform tricks more smoothly and effectively.
  • Try new tricks: Don’t be afraid to try new tricks and push yourself to try new challenges.
  • Join a community: Joining a fingerboard community, either online or in person, can help you improve your skills, make new friends, and have fun.


Fingerboarding is a fun and challenging hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. By following this guide, you can master your tech deck skills and take your fingerboard to the next level. With time and practice, you can become a skilled fingerboarder and enjoy the thrill of skateboarding in the palm of your hand.