Microsoft has officially announced the end of support for Windows 7 and 8.

so please upgrade window.

Microsoft has finally announced that Windows 7 and 8/8.1 are being discontinued today, after years of anticipation.

Microsoft will stop providing security updates for the outdated operating systems from today, January 10, 2023, officially bringing an end to their support. Users of the program should update to newer Windows versions right away, especially Windows 11, in order to keep safe from cyberattacks by criminals who take advantage of existing and future security holes and vulnerabilities.

The company stated in a recently updated Windows 7 support document: “Microsoft 365 is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy which requires customers to stay current as per the servicing and system requirements for the product or service, including using Microsoft 365 on a Windows operating system that is currently in support” (opens in new tab).

The performance and dependability of Microsoft 365 may be impacted over time if it is used with out-of-date, unsupported operating systems. We want to keep delivering a steady Microsoft 365 experience since you are a valuable Microsoft 365 subscriber. As a result, we strongly advise switching to Windows 10 if you’re using Microsoft 365 on a machine running Windows 7.”

After a protracted warning period, Microsoft discontinued its three-year extended security update (ESU) program in January 2020, ending its extended support for Windows 7. Additionally, Windows 8.1 has reached the end of its support period and won’t be given any further updates, effectively ending its life.

Microsoft stated in a separate support document for the more recent software that “Windows 8.1 will reach the end of support on January 10, 2023, at which point technical support and software support will be no longer available.

“We advise updating any Windows 8.1-powered devices you may have to a more recent, operational, and supported version of Windows. We advise switching to a device that supports Windows 11 if your device cannot run a more recent iteration of Windows due to technological limitations.”