Midjourney’s v5 prompt tips for the new version

V5’s New Method Will Take Your Prompts to the Next Level.

Before V5, forget everything you knew about writing prompts in Midjourney. You need to change the way you think about Midjourney writing prompts.

V5 is moving toward a NEW way of giving writing ideas.

What’s that?

Writing in a natural way

You’re right. Forget the idea of separating words with commas and slashes, along with parameters and style methods, when writing prompts. Instead, put everything in one sentence.

So, this is how it used to be:

A picture of Leo Messi with a stadium in the background, a soccer ball, a crowd, bright colors, neon colors, psychedelic art, and a lot of detail, by Alex Grey.

Should be written this way now:

A psychedelic drawing in the style of Alex Grey of Leo Messi kicking a soccer ball in front of a large crowd in a stadium.

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This is what Midjourney’s team said on Discord was the best way to handle prompts:

In —v 5, your prompts will be even better if they are written as sentences instead of as lists. Try to write the way you were taught in school. For instance, the results of astronauts, floating, outer space may be easier to predict than those of astronauts, floating, outer space.

In fact, the Midjourney team says that using terms like “unreal engine,” “octane render,” and “HD” would make the output quality LESS realistic.

Don’t use magic words, the message says. Instead, use real sentences.