personal savings

What’s the best place to store your money: personal savings

Abu Sufyan

The U.S. Department of Commerce put out this information on Friday. The personal savings rate, which is how much of ...

Tucker Carlson

The Terrible, Terrifying Verses of Tucker Carlson

Abu Sufyan

Every single weeknight, the host of Fox News, Tucker Carlson, exposes a new scandal to the people of the United ...

HinoPak Shutsdown it production in pakistan

Hinopak Leading Truck Manufacturer ShutsDown its Production in Pakistan

Abu Sufyan

Due to government import restrictions and difficulties in maintaining production, HINO (Hinopak Motors Limited), the most recent automaker, temporarily suspended ...

Saudi Arabia Offers Citizenship to Doctors and other's Professionals

Saudi Arabia Offers Citizenship to Doctors and other’s Professionals

Abu Sufyan

Saudi Arabia Offers Citizenship

Twitter closes its offices in Delhi and Mumbai

Twitter closes its offices in Delhi and Mumbai

Abu Sufyan

Twitter closes its operations in Delhi and Mumbai, leaving the India team with just three staff. According to the people ...

Elon Musk recently fired a key engineer because Twitter is dropping

Elon Musk Fires Employee because of declining engagement on tweets

Abu Sufyan

Elon Musk has been worried about concerns over his tweets’ visibility for some weeks. Last week, the Twitter CEO last ...

Google excessive control over ads

US accuses Google of excessive control over the internet advertising industry

Abu Sufyan

In a lawsuit against Google, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and eight US states claim that the company has ...


Google’s parent company Alphabet Lay off its 12,000 employees

Abu Sufyan

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, announced Friday that it is eliminating 12,000 jobs. It becomes 6% of its workforce, ...


T-mobile admits Data Of 37 Million Customers Hacked

Abu Sufyan

TMobile, a US telecom provider, disclosed on Thursday. That a recent attack affected the data of 37 million of its customers. In a complaint with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company said that it learned on ...