Report: India will sue Google for antitrust breaches

Google was fined Rs 2,280 crore by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in two cases last October for exploiting its Android dominance and compelling developers to use in-app payments. IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar stated the government will take measures against Google.

In an interview with Reuters, Chandrasekhar said the findings are “serious” and “deeply concern” India’s federal government, which will take action against Google.

“The ministry must act. We deliberated. It will appear in weeks. “We won’t ignore it,” he declared.

Chandrasekhar said the situation “is worrisome, not just for us, it’s worrisome for the entire digital ecosystem in India”. India-Google conflict, A few Indian companies petitioned the CCI to investigate Google for allegedly violating an antitrust directive by charging developers hefty service fees for in-app purchases.

According to a news article, the competition body is investigating the allegations. Google said the service fee supports investments in Google Play and Android. The business claimed that this allows free service distribution. Google changed its Android OS marketing in the country after the antitrust order.