Saudi Arabia Offers Citizenship to Doctors and other’s Professionals

Saudi Arabia declared that certain people will be given citizenship based on a decision to be made by the Prime Minister and a recommendation from the Minister of Interior.

The Emirate of Mecca Province’s official Twitter account made the announcement of the decision.

The decision modifies Article Eight of the Saudi Nationality Law and was published in the official gazette “Um Al Qura” on Friday.

This is a significant departure from the previous rules because Article 28 of the Saudi Nationality Law’s Executive Regulations, which required the Minister of Interior to make the necessary decisions to grant nationality in accordance with Article 8 of the Law, has been removed.

The decision will be distributed to those who must adopt it and carry it out starting on the day it is published in the Official Gazette.

Many people are interested in this choice, particularly with regard to the standards the government uses to determine who gets citizenship. The selection is a component of Saudi Arabia’s plan to draw in foreigners and investment. In doing so, the government hopes to diversify the economy and reduce its reliance on oil.