Share apple music liks to twitter in your tweet

How to Share Apple Music Links to Twitter?

Abu Sufyan

If you’re having trouble sharing the Apple Music link into a tweet, try inserting a “&” between the “?” and ...

Google launches NotebookLM AI, a note-taking AI Assistant

Abu Sufyan

Google has revealed its experimental AI Assistant for taking notes, called NotebookLM AI. The NotebookLM can be used to, among ...

5 Ways Online Games Improve Cognitive Skills

Abu Sufyan

In today’s digital world, online games have become a prevalent form of entertainment for people of all ages. Beyond their ...

Crypto ransomware attacks

Crypto ransomware attacks increase in the first half of 2023: Report Says

Abu Sufyan

Crypto Ransomware attacks have emerged as the only cryptocurrency-based crime to grow up in 2023. According to data compiled by ...

Threads and Twitter

5 key differences between Threads and Twitter

Abu Sufyan

As promised, Threads, Meta’s answer to Twitter, was released. The app came out last Thursday and was a big hit ...

3-Level Escalation Matrix System

What is a 3-Level Escalation Matrix System?

Abu Sufyan

A 3-level escalation matrix system is used to ensure the effective resolution of customer complaints, Recently Xiaomi implemented it in ...

3-Level Complaint Escalation Matrix

Xiaomi has Introduce A 3-Level Complaint Escalation Matrix

Abu Sufyan

In India, Xiaomi is celebrating its 9th year in business. It is having a sale on different goods until July ...

How to Enable Windows Copilot in Windows 11

How to Enable Windows Copilot in Windows 11: Step-by-Step Guide

Abu Sufyan

Windows Copilot is an innovative feature introduced in Windows 11 that assists users with various tasks, making the overall computing ...


Huawei’s 6GHz Technology Pioneers Verification

Abu Sufyan

Huawei recently completed 6GHz operator verification, a network technology milestone. Huawei senior vice president and Operator Business Group president Li ...

Youtube Fan Channels Updates

YouTube Cracking Down on Fan Channels and Updates Impersonation Policy

Abu Sufyan

The YouTube policy on impersonation is being revised. YouTube’s new rules will apply to fan channels that share too many ...

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