Upwork Makes History: 20% Fee Removed Plus 3 Big Changes

Upwork has just announced major changes to its platform, including a 20% fee decrease for clients, plus three other significant updates. Find out what this means for freelancers and employers, plus discover how the changes will impact users of the platform.

What Is the Old Upwork Fee?

Prior to the changes announced by Upwork, clients were charged a 20% fee on their earnings when they hired freelancers from outside of the United States. With this new change, the fee for hiring outside of the U.S. has been reduced to 10%, and the fee for hiring inside of the United States is now 0%. This will be a major cost savings for clients who are often on tight budgets.

How Does 20% Fee Change Upwork?

This 20% fee change by Upwork has the potential to significantly shift how businesses use the platform to hire remote talent. By reducing the cost for US-based freelancers, more companies will likely be encouraged to take advantage of Upwork’s network and find a talented remote team for their project. Likewise, it could attract more freelancers to join the platform and contribute their skills when they know there are more affordable options for clients.

Are There Any Other Changes to the Platform?

In addition to the 20% fee removed for clients using Upwork, there are three other significant changes to the platform. These include greater visibility and easier payment options for contract agreements, more resources for successful freelancer hiring, and increased safety protocols to protect freelancers’ financial information. All of these changes stand to benefit both employers and freelance professionals who use the Upwork platform.

How Can I Take Advantage of These Changes?

Taking advantage of Upwork’s changes can be simple and straightforward. Once the fee has been removed, employers and freelance professionals will have greater visibility of contract agreements and payment options to make the process smoother. Additionally, employers can use the resources provided by Upwork to ensure successful hiring and good working relationships, while freelancers can take advantage of enhanced safety protocols to protect their financial information.

What’s the Impact of This Change on My Business?

There are a few things that employers and freelancers should consider when considering Upwork’s new fee structure. Employers should be aware that the cut in fees could lead to more competition and possibly reduced rates, whereas freelancers need to ensure they are taking proper steps to update their profiles when possible and making sure they are offering competitive rates and services. Both employers and freelancers should take advantage of the resources offered by Upwork for successful hiring outcomes or protection from risks.