WhatsApp Finally Moves Away From Phone Numbers to Usernames

WhatsApp users across the globe can finally say goodbye to phone numbers as the primary way of addressing accounts. The popular messaging app is introducing usernames as an easier and more reliable method for identifying user accounts. Learn how this change will affect you in this article!

What are the Benefits of Using Usernames on WhatsApp?

Usernames are much simpler than phone numbers and more secure since they can be changed whenever needed. This means users no longer have to remember or look up intimidating phone numbers when contacting someone through WhatsApp. Also, for those who are looking for increased privacy, usernames will make it easier to keep their account information hidden from the public.

How do I Find and Use a Username on WhatsApp?

To find an existing username on WhatsApp, head to your settings and select ‘Account’. Select ‘Username’, where you will be able to see if a particular username has already been taken by someone else. You can also create your own unique username in this section. Once you have saved your desired username, other users will be able to search for it using the search bar in the top right of the chat screen. They will then be able to send you messages directly without needing your phone number.

Are There Any Restrictions With Usernames on WhatsApp?

Yes, there are some restrictions when it comes to usernames on WhatsApp. Usernames cannot contain any spaces, symbols or special characters. Usernames must consist of 5-25 characters that include Latin alphabets, numbers and underscores only. Finally, businesses are restricted from using the ‘@’ sign in their usernames. Any attempts to use these types of characters will result in an error message being displayed.

How Does This Change Affect My Privacy and Security?

The move to usernames for accounts on WhatsApp ensures that your privacy and security is not compromised. Your phone number will no longer need to be used as a way to identify your account, which means that you can stay more anonymous and secure when connecting with others on the platform. Additionally, usernames can help make sure that users are easily identified by their peers, while also keeping them safe from malicious third-party accounts.

What Are Some Tips for Managing My Usernames on Social Media Platforms?

When creating usernames for your WhatsApp account or other social media profiles, it’s important to keep them consistent throughout all your accounts. This ensures that people will be able to easily recognize you from one platform to another. Additionally, make sure that your username is not too long or complicated—the shorter the better when it comes to usability and recognition. Lastly, double-check that your chosen username does not violate any of the guidelines or terms of service set forth by the particular platform.