WhatsApp password-protected chat option will be available soon

 Users will be able to password- or fingerprint-protect certain conversations to prevent unauthorized access.

We found out that WhatsApp is working on an entry point to open and manage locked chats in the current beta update for Android In the future, you’ll be able to lock certain conversations right from the conversation details. After a chat has been locked, it can no longer be accessed except through the “Locked chats” area of the chat list.

Before publishing this post, we addressed the roomers of the WhatsApp edit message feature will arrive soon. The latest WhatsApp Beta for iOS update is working on a separate alert to notify users when their updated message has been sent to everyone in the chat.

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This option provides users with an additional layer of security for private conversations, preventing prying eyes from seeing their exchanges. If someone tries to access a conversation that has been locked without permission, they will be asked to clear the chat in order to regain access. Any photographs or videos sent in a private conversation will not be saved to the device’s gallery unless both parties agree to do so.

As This functionality is currently being worked on and will be introduced in a future app release.