WhatsApp to allow voice notes as a new feature for status updates

WhatsApp is preparing to introduce a new feature that will make voice notes available as status updates. Here is what we know about WhatsApp’s most recent version.

WaBetaInfo reports that the new functionality will be available to qualified users in the app’s text status area as part of the Android beta version. You can even specify who can view your Voice Status update in the messaging app.

People will have more control over their voice recordings because to the app’s ability to delete a recording before making it available to the public.

It’s unclear whether the play pause process would be as frictionless as WhatsApp’s regular chat functionality. It’s unclear if the voice status function will include an edit or replay option. As more users have access to the feature, we should have more clarity on this.

On the other hand, this functionality also has a time limit. A voice note can only be recorded for 30 seconds at a time.

Additionally, much like with the photographs or videos you now submit as Status on WhatsApp, voice notes shared via the Status area will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

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