Will iPhone 15 have a USB C Port?


As the launch of the new iPhone 15 approaches, rumors are circulating about whether the phone will feature a USB-C port. In 2022, the European Union Parliament passed a law mandating that every mobile phone launching in the EU must use the USB Type-C charging port. As a result, many are speculating that the iPhone 15 will include a USB-C port to comply with EU law.

No More Lightning Ports

Apple is expected to do away with lightning ports on the iPhone 15, as the EU law requires that all mobile phones use the same charger. While the iPhone will have the same connector, not all chargers or accessories will be compatible. The USB-C port on the iPhone will have restrictions on certain accessories, allowing only approved accessories to interact with the port.

Integrated Circuit (IC) Interfaces

According to reports, Apple has developed an integrated circuit board that is lightning-compatible and will work alongside the USB-C port on the iPhone. The firmware or semiconductor chip will have the most control, limiting the iPhone USB port’s interaction with the accessory that the user plugs in. This feature is essentially a Lightning-like authenticator chip that will not let unapproved accessories perform actions.

IC Interface Benefits

Integrated Circuit (IC) interfaces are semiconductor chips that allow devices to share information with each other. These chips were first introduced in 2012, with MFI-certified lightning ports and connectors containing small ICs for authentication. These chips display “This accessory is not supported” warnings for unauthorized devices.

iPhone 15 Features

If the rumors about the Apple iPhone 15 are correct, we will receive the standard charging speed with any standard USB-C cable. However, additional features such as high-speed charging and data transfer will only be available with Apple-certified accessories. The iPhone’s Lightning circuit board will be a backup plan, allowing countless lightning accessories to work with the iPhone even with a USB-C port.


The new iPhone 15 Pro Max will be on the market this fall, and cheaper phones are expected to have USB-C ports. In contrast, the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max devices will contain Thunder 3 ports. The standard USB-C ports will have USB 2 data transfer speed, and Thunderbolt 3 will support a 4K display and fast data transfer. Stay tuned for further iPhone 15 USB-C port news.