Microsoft Announces AI Copilot in Word: The Future of Productivity

Microsoft 365 has ~400 million paid users. Now, all of them are going to have access to generative AI in their daily workflows, powered by OpenAI.

Microsoft has announced the release of AI Copilot for Word. This feature is expected to improve users’ writing experiences, especially for those who struggle with grammar and syntax. AI Copilot will suggest corrections to users’ writing, allowing them to produce error-free documents more easily.

Here’s what the upgraded Microsoft 365 suite can do:

Prepare me for my meeting

Plugging into your calendar and email, it can help you get ready for the day, generating bullets for you to focus on in your next meeting.

Generate documents based on existing documents

In Word, you can type in a prompt like “Generate a product announcement” and link to an existing product spec elsewhere.

The Copilot will read in that document, then generate the new product announcement with perfect context!

Create a Powerpoint, complete with styling and pictures

Just type in whatever you’d like – the number of slides, the styling, the content – the new Copilot will create it for you.

Use natural language to analyze data

No more typing in complicated formulas! Just ask the Copilot “What was the most profitable products this quarter?” and it will generate the answer for you in Excel.

Automatically capture meeting notes

Copilot will sit on Teams and automatically capture transcripts, speaking, and summary notes, along with action items and tasks.

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This is a GAME-CHANGER for the enterprise! The context was a HUGE blocker for enterprises to use AI tools. Now they have one system that can customize everything to each business!

Google also announced generative AI in their office suite earlier this week. That means virtually every office worker is going to have access to AI in their most-used tools.

This might just accelerate AI adoption more than anything we’ve seen so far!