Huawei’s 6GHz Technology Pioneers Verification

Huawei recently completed 6GHz operator verification, a network technology milestone. Huawei senior vice president and Operator Business Group president Li Peng declared this.

Huawei says users always want more from the network. 5G networks need a 6GHz and millimeter wave spectrum. The industry trend is 100G full spectrum to 5G air interface. As part of the trend, Huawei has engaged with operators on 6GHz technical verification. Huawei claims this has dramatically accelerated data transmission. The latest milestone allows a 10Gbps downlink rate.

Huawei’s 6GHz solution demonstrates the capability of  “same site, co-coverage” with the C-band spectrum. The 6GHz frequency band can be used with the C-band spectrum. Network coverage and performance increase. Huawei’s breakthrough gives network operators the advantage they need to delight customers. 6GHz lets operators offer faster data rates and a seamless 5G experience.

Statistics show 1.2 billion 5G users worldwide. This indicates a global need for the best digital experience. Demand drove the 5G network to 6GHz. 2D and 3D content consumption differs. 3D material generates 3–10 times more traffic than 2D. A week of new calls or a day of cloud mobile phones can create 1GB of traffic. Such apps will increase traffic by almost 10 times. Creating a fresh user experience.

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