Saudi Arabian University Offers 130 Fully-Funded Internships with $1000 Stipend

The KAUST International Internship 2023 is a fantastic opportunity for Saudi researchers. KAUST’s Visiting Student Research Programme (VSRP) helps enthusiastic students expand their science and engineering knowledge. This internship aims to create a varied cultural group that can improve research through advanced facilities.

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology attracts scholars and students from diverse fields with its many departments and centers. In this way, they impact scientific and engineering interconnectedness and establish interdisciplinary approaches to basic, persistent concerns.

Host CountrySaudi Arabia
University NameKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Duration of internship3-6 months
Number of internships130 internships with stipends


  1. This international internship program attracts students with completely financed learning.
  2. Applicants receive $1,000 monthly.
  3. Applicants will have individual bedrooms and bathrooms.
  4. Visas and airfare will be covered for students.
  5. Candidates may receive healthcare.
  6. Candidates will be entertained with social and cultural activities.
  7. Candidates get free core lab access.
  8. Community and research facilities are easily accessible to applicants.
  9. They promote community cooperation.

Apply for a KAUST International Internship 2023

  1. Applying requires an email account.
  2. Applicants receive registration confirmation emails.
  3. Give your name, address, nationality, and religion.
  4. Complete registration fields.
  5. Complete and submit your registration request.
  6. If approved, KAUST academics will interview you.
  7. Once selected, a travel agent will contact you at KAUST.

Last Date of Apply

Applying for the VSRP internship at KAUST can be done whenever you would like; there is no set application date. At any time during the year, you can submit an application to join the VSRP.