WhatsApp users can edit sent messages. How it Works ?

This functionality is still in development by WhatsApp. But, this recent update indicates it may be released soon.

WhatsApp’s long-awaited message editing capability may soon arrive. The latest WhatsApp Beta for iOS update is working on a separate alert to notify users when their updated message has been sent to everyone in the chat.

This WhatsApp feature will allow users to quickly and simply correct any mistakes. WABetaInfo, which tracks WhatsApp beta updates, discovered the new feature.

Users will be able to edit their messages within 15 minutes of sending them, and the edited messages will be labeled with an “edited” label within the message bubble, according to the article. Like messages’ “Forwarded” tag.

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But there’s a catch: this WhatsApp feature will only be available to people who are using the most recent version of the app. People who are using an older version won’t be able to see messages that have been changed until they upgrade to the most recent version that works with this feature. That means that even if you get the feature on your phone, the correction won’t show up unless the person you’re sending it to has the most recent version of the app.

Since this feature is still in development. Also, WhatsApp has not given an official date for when it will be available. But this most recent update is a good sign that it might be out soon.

The new WhatsApp app for Windows

WhatsApp just announced that they are making a new app for Windows users. This new version of the Windows desktop app loads faster and has an interface that people who use WhatsApp and Windows already know. Users can host group video calls with up to 8 people and audio calls with up to 32 people. WhatsApp has also said that these limits will go up over time.

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s new feature that allows users to edit messages after they have been sent is a welcome addition to the app. The feature is easy to use and can save users time and prevent misunderstandings. It is also worth noting that the edited messages are marked as such, which helps to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings that may arise.