Xiaomi has Introduce A 3-Level Complaint Escalation Matrix

In India, Xiaomi is celebrating its 9th year in business. It is having a sale on different goods until July 10. The company has also told people in the country about a new way to handle customer questions and issues. The name for this is the 3-Layer Escalation Matrix. Keep reading to find out more.

Xiaomi 3-level escalation matrix launched in India

The new 3-level Complaint escalation grid system from Xiaomi is meant to help customers solve their problems. The company says it is meant to make sure that complaints are heard, looked into, and fixed quickly. With the escalation method, Xiaomi wants to make customer service easy and good.

In India, Xiaomi has a large number of repair centers. Customers who are having trouble with their gadgets can go to the service center that is closest to them. They can also use Xiaomi’s Grievance Redressal Form through the Mi Store app, mi.com, or the Xiaomi Service+ app to file a complaint. Customers can also let the company know about problems by clicking on this link.

Once a complaint is sent in, Xiaomi’s team will start looking into the problem and try to find an answer within 48 hours. If the problem isn’t fixed and the customer isn’t happy, the issue will be sent to the Head of Customer Service automatically, and users can expect an answer within 24 hours. But if the problem keeps happening and isn’t fixed in the time allotted, it will be sent immediately to the Office of the company’s President. Customers should hear back within 12 hours.

With the new escalation system, customer issues will be dealt with by the office of the top manager, which most customers will likely like. On the Xiaomi Service+ app, customers can see where their issues are in the process.

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